Slow-Cooked Eggs

Once you learn the art of slow cooking eggs, you’ll become addicted to these warm, silken baubles and want to garnish every salad, soup, plate of pasta, and piece of buttered toast with one. Although these eggs are new to us, we found out that they’ve been eating them like this in Japan for centuries under the name onsen tamago, hot spring eggs.

6 large eggs, cold

Place an upside-down saucer in a small pot and fill it with boiling water. Place the eggs gently into the pot, just enough to fill one layer. Check the water temperature, looking for 145 degrees F.

Keep the eggs cooking on the lowest setting (or turn the burner on and off occasionally) for 45 minutes, keeping the temperature as close to 145 degrees F as possible. After at least 45 minutes of cooking, chill the eggs with ice water then refrigerator until use.

To reheat, place an egg or two in a glass and cover with boiling water. In about 2 minutes, the eggs are hot all the way through and can be cracked and scooped onto your favorite creation bringing just the right note of richness to tie the flavors together.

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